Being spiritual is a personal journey.
Here we look to clarify 3 misconceptions with facts.

We are a spiritual program, not a religious one.

“In time, most of us also come to believe in a spiritual Power that transcends our human willpower and thinking, and that this Power can return us to a condition of serenity and sanity.”

“The Steps use the word “God” to indicate this Power. Nevertheless, the program is not aligned with any religion, nor do we adhere to any particular beliefs concerning the word “God,” leaving this matter up to the understanding of each member.”

“We are free to use a different word in our spiritual practice, if that’s what works for us. What is important is that we rely on a spiritual reality, or Higher Power, rather than on words. In essence, our shared experience of this Power is one of loving and caring.” (Sex Addicts Anonymous)

What does all of this mean.

You can keep your belief.

If you already have a belief in a Power Greater than yourself you can keep it. As we are not a religion we don’t even touch that subject so if you have a religious practice we will never look to change that.

Your definition is good.

We don’t have a definition of “God”. Most of us prefer the term Higher Power to avoid any association with ordained religions with which we don’t want to be confused. Your own concept of this Power is good enough.

Non believers are welcome.

Many of us who came to the program did not believe or came from strict judgmental religious backgrounds that were not conducive to believing. In the program we don’t look to force a belief but rather help you discover your own conception of it.

Why going to a meeting would help.

“As sex addicts, we are especially prone to isolating. Many of us acted out alone or in secret. Meetings are an important way of breaking this isolation. At meetings we discover that we are not unique. If we listen to the experiences and feelings we have in common, we will find that we are more alike than we are different. At meetings we learn that we can trust others to know who we really are, and still be accepted by them.” (Sex Addicts Anonymous)

All our meetings are free of charge and do not require an appointment or an ID

What to do next.

“Sometimes it is hard to find a sponsor who has more experience in SAA than we have. This is often the case when the meetings in an area are fairly new. There are solutions to this problem. We can contact a member of the program with more experience who attends a different SAA meeting. We can maintain a long-distance sponsoring relationship, by phone, e-mail, or letter. Also, we may consider entering into a co-sponsorship relationship with a program friend for mutual support. ”

“The sponsorship relationship is flexible: it is up to the sponsor and “sponsee” to decide exactly how they will work with each other. We stay in regular contact with our sponsor, reaching out for support, guidance, and encouragement. As we work the Twelve Steps of SAA, our sponsor acts as an ally in our recovery, sharing the experience and wisdom of the program with us.” (Sex Addicts Anonymous)

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