We have resources available.

Resources provided for meetings


Meeting Template

This is a meeting template is available for anyone wanting to start a new meeting. There are many types of meetings if you would want other examples let us know.



These are the Bylaws used by New York City Intergroup to ensure continuity and adherence to basic principles that have worked for us in the past.


Service Position Guide

This is a suggestive guide for members who are taking services positions to have a high level overview of the main aspects of the different service positions.

Resources used at meetings


Green Book Guide

This is a guide to go through the 12 Steps. This guide uses as reference quotes from the Sex Addicts Anonymous Basic text also known as the "Green Book".


Basic Recovery Group

This is the basic text for the Basic Recovery Group. It contains the Meeting Agenda and reading for the meeting. (note: has reference to non SAA literature)

Maintained by members in recovery of their addiction in Sex Addicts Anonymous in New York (NYC).
The views expressed on this website do not necessarily represent those of the ISO of Sex Addicts Anonymous®

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