Am I a Sex Addict?

In Sex Addicts Anonymous in New York City we look to recover from sexual addiction. Our program is free…


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In the Sex Addicts Anonymous program we have ~40 meetings that look to treat sex addiction in New York City. All free of charge…

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To help the sex addict who is looking to treat their sex addiction we have workshops and retreats all year round at or near New York City. Anyone who is a sex addict or believes they might be a sex addict is welcomed to them. Events focus on the solution of all sexual addictions including pornography addiction, compulsive masturbation, and romantic obsession…


A word on spirituality

In New York City or anywhere sexual addiction can hurt us and others. In order to treat this sexual addiction Sex Addicts Anonymous found a spiritual solution. We are not associated with any sect or religion nor do we consider ourselves one. Being spiritual is NOT a requirement to seek help for your sex addiction…


The 12 Steps

Sex Addicts Anonymous in and out New York City has the roadmap of recovery from sex addiction described in the 12 Steps. The steps address the root of our sex addiction. We believe that our sexual addictive behaviors are a symptom and through working the Steps we address why we engage in sexually addictive behaviors…

12 Steps

Sexual sobriety

In Sex Addicts Anonymous we encourage each individual who identifies as a sex addict to define sexual sobriety for themselves. We strive to achieve serenity through abstaining from sexually addictive behaviors. We have tools that help us define this sexual sobriety…

Sexual sobriety


In New York City sponsorship is offered by sex addicts who worked the 12 Steps and are sexually sober from their addictive sexual behaviors. There is no cost for sponsorship and we encourage each sex addict to find one to work the 12 Steps of Sex Addicts Anonymous…



In order to treat sex addictions, we use different tools such as work guides to go through the 12 Steps of Sex Addicts Anonymous. We also have a support document for meetings that look to help the sex addict who still suffers move away from their addictive sexual behaviors…


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We have sex addicts in recovery who answer calls, texts, and emails to help anyone who believes they have a problem with sex addiction and is looking for help. We have many resources available to help. If you believe you are or might be a sex addict contact us now we are here to help you…

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