Firstly we are here to help. Moreover we keep the conversations anonymous and confidential.

Text us.

We have someone who is regularly answering all text messages that arrive. Our phone number is 347-815-4722

Email us.

Being on top of our emails is a priority for us and in addition, we check our PO Box every month. Our email is

Call us.

More than 15 members are answering calls if you can’t reach us leave a voicemail we will get in touch with you. Our phone number is 347-815-4722

Snail mail us.

We believe in snail mail! Therefore, we check our PO Box every month. NYC Service Org P.O. Box 572 New York, NY 10116

Why did we come to Sex Addicts Anonymous.

“We are sex addicts. Our addiction nearly destroyed our lives, but we found freedom through the recovery program of Sex Addicts Anonymous. In the fellowship of SAA, we discovered that we are not alone and that meeting regularly together to share experience, strength, and hope gives us the choice to live a new life.

Our addictive sexual behavior was causing pain—to ourselves, our friends, and our loved ones. Our lives were out of control. We may have wanted to quit, making promises and many attempts to stop, yet we repeatedly failed to do so. For each of us, there came a moment of crisis. When we finally reached out for help, we found recovery through the program of SAA.” (Sex Addicts Anonymous)

Above all, we know it is not easy to make that first call asking for help. However we also know that the experience of those who called has been one where they felt welcomed and accepted. Finally, the rooms are a place where we move away from judgement and focus on taking actions to help those looking to stop additive sexual behaviors.

You might have questions we normally answer.

During the many years we created a list of questions frequently asked and we look to answer them to help you be as informed as you are interested in. Most importantly, we are here to help and we keep the conversations, anonymous and confidential.
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Most common questions boiled down and answered for you.


Calls and texts have been a source of guidance for our most common asked questions.
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