Each donation help us take several actions for the fellowship of sex addicts in New York City.

One time

Make a one time donation. On the description include your meeting information in case you are doing a donation on their behalf

Recurring [Recovery Partners]

This is our program to support our outreach efforts and contribute to gaps on the rent of our Intergroup Center! Unused funds will go to the NYC International Convention Fund

Money Order/Check

Payable To: “NYC Service Org”

Mail NYC Service Org P.O. Box 572
New York, NY 10116 also, if you go to a meeting at 265 West 37th St use the drop box.


When you go to a meeting at 265 West 37th St use the drop box.

Where we are today.

Recovery Partners: 98
Average monthly donation: $21
Total monthly donations: $2,095 (as of December 2nd)
Monthly goal: $3,000

7th Tradition.

“Our experience has shown that not soliciting or accepting outside contributions encourages us to become better stewards of the group’s resources. Although we have expenses and a treasury, we are not a business, and we need not be concerned about making a profit or carrying out an elaborate business plan. Many SAA groups choose not to accumulate extra money beyond what is necessary for ongoing expenses, annual projects, and a prudent reserve. Our needs are simple, and we should not lose sight of SAA’s primary purpose as our foremost concern.

Being fully self-supporting means being aware of the responsibility of every member for supporting the group. Some of us have a natural tendency to sit back and let others do all the work; others are only too willing to take on service positions and hold them indefinitely. Although this might seem to create a perfect balance between those who take over and those who sit back, in actuality such a situation works against becoming self-supporting. A group works well when all members are encouraged to serve in line with their abilities and when service positions are regularly rotated among the group’s members. We are fully self-supporting when we all take ownership of our common welfare, secure in the knowledge that even if certain members leave, the group will be strong enough to continue to carry its message.” (Sex Addicts Anonymous)
Maintained by members in recovery of their addiction in Sex Addicts Anonymous in New York (NYC).
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