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Sex Addicts Anonymous we made it easy and free. Below 4 key areas to explore today.

Receiving help is important.

So we made it easy.

Getting Started

If you believe you are a sex addict or that you might be one. You can simply come to our meetings which are all free and don’t require appointment.
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Sex Addiction Test Quiz

If you are not sure if you are a sex addict we created a 3-minute sex addiction test quiz. Questions are not saved for your privacy. If you answer yes to more than one, we invite you to attend a meeting.
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First Meeting

Once you arrive you will be given a first time welcome package with free information about Sex Addicts Anonymous. You will mostly likely feel at home. As always you can just listen or share if you prefer.
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We want for you to feel safe so we will never ask for ID, take your photo, ask your last name or any other personal detail. We know sex addiction is a sensitive topic.

Why going to a meeting would help.

Sex addiction impacts many, left unattended it tends to progressively get worse. It can lead to loss of relationships, contraction of infections, financial troubles, isolation, arrests just to mention a few. Going to a meeting helps breaking with the denial and justifications we give to ourselves and allows to start working our program. All our meetings are free and there is no appointment necessary.


is the number of suggested meetings to determine if Sex Addicts Anonymous can help you


is the number of suggested meetings to determine if Sex Addicts Anonymous can help you

How this 12 Step program works.

It is a simple program that can remove the desire to engage in addictive sexual behaviors. Each step worked looks to provide more awareness and in turn positive change. You will be able to work it with someone who has already gone through it and is sexually sober, we call them sponsors. There is no cost for sponsorship. You can find sponsors at the meetings.
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You are not alone.

“Many of us first come to Sex Addicts Anonymous feeling deeply isolated and ashamed of our behaviors and past actions. We may believe that no one could understand us or relate to the things we had done or been through. Discovering that we are not alone is a liberating experience for us. It is a great comfort and relief to know that a fellowship of recovering sex addicts exists and that we have somewhere to turn to help us recover.” (Sex Addicts Anonymous)

Below you can learn more about sexual behavior and the addiction component related to it. How our brain let us believe we are in control when many times this addiction is in control. The symptoms of this out of control behavior and treatment as well as its importance.

Sometimes the symptoms of our sexual addiction are not that evident. Understanding how sexual addiction can be considered a disorder as other addictions are considered disorders. How to take action around this is important. People who are not addicts don’t have their brain telling them to engage in sex even when their same brain told them months, weeks or even hours before not to engage in sex. Treatment of sex addiction will help bring disorder into order. As an addict finding treatment is essential.

Sexual behavior.

Sexual addiction or sex addiction include the use of porn and any behavior that is sexual in nature. Firstly, someone who is addicted to one sexual behavior or more will find themselves engaging with little control in this compulsive behavior. Secondly. this behavior is linked to a mental obsession and a physical craving to find. For example, addicts might look for sexual relationship. They might look for porn to engage in compulsive masturbation. They might even engage in the compulsive behavior to find and watch porn. In short, the brain of the addict when engaging in one or the other behavior gets the relief they are looking for. Most unfortunetly, the addict feels they are in control of the use of porn for compulsive masturbation or the use people for a sexual relationship in the example above. They believe in this even regardless of the painful consequences.

Sexual addiction has similar symptoms as other addictions. These symptoms are mental as well as physical. The treatment, that impacts the mental health SAA has found, is through applying the 12 Steps. Sexual behaviors are symptoms. The root of why we engage on one or more sexual behaviors is uncovered through working the SAA program. Many see sex addiction as a drug. As any drug the impact for the person consuming is negative towards their day to day activities and causes pain.

Diagnosis and treatment.

A disorder or disorders require attention. We know people have searched for treatment as their use of sex is not similar to others. If something needs treatment there needs to be a diagnosis first. However, doing a diagnosis through our sex addiction test quiz has been different from person to person. Many ask themselves if sexual addiction is a disorder as other disorders out there. We understand disorder or disorders as anything that might require change. Most importantly, the desire to moving from disorder or disorders to order to achieve a sense of sexual heath in life is always welcoming news.

The need to recover becomes more evident after the diagnosis each person does for themselves. Subsequently, the treatment for the effects of this addiction starts with the support that is received during the recovery process. Some realize as news that indeed there was abuse in their life. A personality change is some of the positive outcomes of working the program. The support we receive and each relationship we build while working the 12 Steps of the Sex Addiction Program moves us towards a sense of personal health. This sense of health is achieved through the progress in mental health, physical health and spiritual health. The Sex Addicts Anonymous 12 Step program is not individual therapy nor it is group therapy. Many members in the fellowship choose therapy as an additional way to move towards recovery.

Sexual anorexia and intimacy avoidance.

Firstly, sexual anorexia or intimacy avoidance can also be considered as one of the types of sexual addiction. We consider this to be a big challenge for many. Secondly, compulsive avoidance of sex or intimacy also know as sexual anorexia has negative effects on the addicts’ lives. Moreover, some feel that not engaging is sex all together is the solution. However, the avoidance of intimacy or sex is not the goal of the program. In short, we look to achieve to move away from all behaviors that are compulsive including the avoidance of intimacy or sexual anorexia. Finally, naming it a sexual disorder or not naming it a disorder is less important than seeking treatment for it.

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Our meeting count with many members that go regularly that can help answer many of your questions. Also if you prefer contact us we are here to help.

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