Sponsorship is free.
Sponsors are members who can help.

A sponsor guides you in your recovery.

The idea of sponsorship is deeply embedded in the Twelve Step program, and Step Twelve makes it very clear that that this is a “we” venture and is not done in isolation. In the SAA program sponsorship is about developing a vital relationship with another addict from which successful recovery can grow.


A sponsor is someone in the fellowship that guides us on working the SAA program.

helping hand

A sponsor is a helping hand you can rely on for support in your recovery journey.

Ideally a sponsor is someone who is abstinent from their addictive sexual behaviors and can share their learnings in the program with you.

Your sponsor will be able to help you with the basics of the program and get you started with the step work.

The role of a sponsor is to guide you through the 12 steps, the key to our recovery.
Newcomers are encouraged to get a sponsor as soon as they consider themselves committed to working the program.

Temporary sponsors are members who can get you started working the program until you find the a permanent sponsor. Some temporary sponsors end up being permanent

We have sponsors ready to help.

If you are attending or will be attending meetings and identify yourself as a sex addict we can put you in contact with someone who can get you started in the program.


“Sometimes it is hard to find a sponsor who has more experience in SAA than we have. This is often the case when the meetings in an area are fairly new. There are solutions to this problem. We can contact a member of the program with more experience who attends a different SAA meeting. We can maintain a long-distance sponsoring relationship, by phone, e-mail, or letter. Also, we may consider entering into a co-sponsorship relationship with a program friend for mutual support. ” 

“The sponsorship relationship is flexible: it is up to the sponsor and “sponsee” to decide exactly how they will work with each other. We stay in regular contact with our sponsor, reaching out for support, guidance, and encouragement. As we work the Twelve Steps of SAA, our sponsor acts as an ally in our recovery, sharing the experience and wisdom of the program with us.” (Sex Addicts Anonymous) 

What to do next.

If you are unsure about finding a sponsor we invite you to attend one of our meetings and find someone who has sobriety and with whom you will feel comfortable working, it is free. If you have questions your would discuss with someone, please contact us. Sponsors are members who can help.

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