If you believe that you are a sex addict or that you might be one you can attend our meetings.
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Why go to meetings.

If you believe you are a sex addict or that you might be one you can attend to any of our meetings.

“We strive to practice anonymity and confidentiality, so that the meeting will be a safe place for each and every sex addict. We generally use only our first names in the group, to help ensure anonymity. Whom we meet or what is said in a meeting is treated as confidential and is not discussed with non-group members.

It takes some courage to show up at our first meetings. We may fear being recognized at a meeting by someone we know. This can be awkward, but it’s helpful to remember that when we acted out, we risked consequences greater than any embarrassment we might experience at a meeting. Eventually, discomfort gives way to a sense of belonging and a feeling of relief that there are others like us.“ (Sex Addicts Anonymous)
Maintained by members in recovery of their addiction in Sex Addicts Anonymous in New York (NYC).
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