35th Annual ISO of SAA Convention

To register:
To request the password for registration, please text or email:
James M (events chair) at
(347) 315-2855jamessaanyc@gmail.com

Financial Assistance



If you drive to the convention you will be able to park at the private parking. Parking Fee is $15 per day. You can request a full refund by submitting your receipt and send it to James M at: jamessaanyc@gmail.com


Our NYC fellowship will help make transportation to the convention easier and more accessible.
Taxi/Uber/Lyft refunds are available according to the following guidelines:

Friday is not eligible for a refund.

You must be in 4 people total to be eligible for the refund, which means you have to be with other 3 fellows in the Taxi/Uber/Lyft and present their names and recept by email to James M.
You can request a refund by submitting your receipt and send it to James M at jamessaanyc@gmail.com after the end of the convention. Refunds will be issues by paypal/venmo within 7 business days from the end of the convention.


Complimentary Breakfast Saturday Morning + Hospitality Room:
If you would rather not buy the meal plan options at the Hotel, no need to worry -- you can enjoy a complimentary breakfast on Saturday morning when you arrive in the morning, and throughout the length of the convention, there will be a room stocked with snacks, sandwiches, fruits, and light food available in the hospitality suite. Also, the hotel has a casual restaurant/cafè that offers more affordable pricing.
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